Medical Fun Facts Episode 1 The Pilot


Welcome to Medical Fun Facts. This is the pilot podcast.

I started Medical Fun Facts after a friend at work asked that whenever I visit her at her work station I share with her a medical fun fact.

Given my knowledge-base is focussed mainly on medical microbiology, infectious diseases, some aspects of pathology and a little bit about health emergency management, this podcast will probably reflect these areas. It’s highly unlikely I will delve into psychiatry or endocrinology, not because they are not interesting, but mainly because I don’t have much to do with those areas of medicine.

Now I should point out that I am a registered medical practitioner in Australia. I have general registration in medicine and specialist registration in microbiology. I want to make it very clear that I am not forming a doctor patient relationship with anyone through this podcast and I am not offering clinical advice in the treatment of any particular person. If you need medical advice you should consult a registered medical practitioner in your area. I also suggest you do not see practitioners of alternative or complementary or integrative medicine. See a fair dinkum doctor and always consider a second opinion.

If you disagree with anything in these podcasts or if you would like to voice a different view please feel free to write a comment. If I have said something incorrect I welcome correction. Please also feel free to share your comments on social media.

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